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About Your Coach

Marc Zimmermann

Marc is a former professional soccer player turned functional fitness and yoga coach who excels in helping athletes and non-athletes get in the best shapes of their lives. Marc's unique approach to fitness requires zero gym time, as his holistic approach to fitness revolves around total body fitness using nothing other than your body.

Marc's clients build lifelong exercise habits, better nutrition habits, and most importantly, they learn to enjoy working out!

Marc has trained people across continents, having trained clients from Germany to Hawaii and now in sunny Los Angeles, California... which is where you'll be able to work out alongside him virtually inside the 7 Day Challenge, his famous Ripped30 program, and his LIVE Ripped30 virtual workouts.

Throughout the workouts, you'll experience Marc's support and encouragement... and you'll surprisingly find the exercises FUN, fast, and extremely beneficial as we pack a punch... all from the comfort of your own living room and without any equipment needed!

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