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Get in the Best Shape of Your 
Life in Just 30 Days

Commit to just 30 minutes of high intensity workouts every day for one month and get in the best shape of your life... all from your own home and without any gym equipment or weights!

Get in the Best Shape of Your 
Life in Just 30 Days

Commit to just 30 minutes of high intensity workouts every day for one month and get in the best shape of your life... all from your own home and without any gym equipment or weights!

Forget the gym... we're giving you everything you need to get real results in just 30 minutes per day

Follow Along Workouts

There's no reason to go on your workout journey alone or wonder what you should be doing... just press play and follow along with Coach Marc!

Easy to Follow Nutrition Guide

Fitness starts in the kitchen, so we're going to complement your workout routine with an easy to follow set of things to eat and things to avoid

Daily Motivation to Stay on Track

Let's face it... most people's fitness journey stops even quicker than it got started... so we're going to send you daily motivational messages from Coach Marc!

It doesn't take long to 
start changing your fitness...

Kim lost 38 pounds

Kim is a mom in Honolulu, Hawaii who did the Ripped30 fitness program for six months and lost 38 pounds and six inches off her stomach.

Before Ripped30, Kim was going for jogs and long walks, but always found herself busy with kids... so the Ripped30 routine gave her a focused and highly productive 30 minute regime each day to change her life, her health, and her overall happiness and confidence in just six months.

Her body fat index went from 38% (highly obese) to 24% (normal). Kim's weight went from 162 pounds to 124 pounds. Great job, Kim!
Your results may vary. Kim stuck to the workout plan and nutrition guide and was able to transform her fitness... every body type and lifestyle gets their own results based on many factors.

About Your Coach

Marc Zimmermann

Marc is a former professional soccer player turned functional fitness and yoga coach who excels in helping athletes and non-athletes get in the best shapes of their lives. Marc's unique approach to fitness requires zero gym time, as his holistic approach to fitness revolves around total body fitness using nothing other than your body.

Marc's clients build lifelong exercise habits, better nutrition habits, and most importantly, they learn to enjoy working out!

Marc has trained people across continents, having trained clients from Germany to Hawaii and now in sunny Los Angeles, California... which is where he'll be working out alongside you virtually every day during the 7 Day Jumpstart Your Fitness Challenge!

Throughout the program, you'll experience Marc's support and encouragement... and you'll surprisingly find the exercises FUN, fast, and extremely beneficial as we pack a punch... all from the comfort of your own living room and without any equipment needed!

Here's What's Inside Ripped30...

Never touch a weight again, and instead use the power of body weight exercises to increase your strength... which will make your body more functional and more fit in day to day needs and stresses
Improve your agility to move easier, move lighter, and improve your quickness... giving your body the means to move more gracefully, and combined with coordination you'll have your brain and body aligned
Your core is the center of your body... so we're going to make it stronger to give you more stability and protect your spine (core strength stabilizes all aspects of your body including balance and stabilization)
One of the most important areas of fitness is flexibility... by improving your flexibility, you're going to improve your range of motion, keep your muscles looser and healthier, and move your joints more effectively
Your most important organ is your heart, so we're going to rapidly improve its health by leveraging the power of high intensity interval training... helping you quickly lose weight and speed up your metabolism
One of the most fun parts of fitness is progress, so each week you'll test all aspects of your fitness progress with difficult and high-intensity challenges that measure your progress and keep you moving forward!
Here's what you're getting inside Ripped30...
Follow-Along Workout Videos
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Easy to Follow Nutrition Guide
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Morning Motivational Videos
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Daily Workout Plan for 30 Days
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Monthly Calendar Workout Tracking
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Monthly Office Hours w/ Coach Marc
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BONUS: Active Rest Day Coaching
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What Are You Waiting For?

The best time to start focusing on your fitness is right now! We've packed everything you need to get into the best shape of your life inside Ripped30, and you'll get ALL of the follow-along workouts, a daily and monthly workout plan handed to you so you know exactly what to do every day, the nutrition guide, and so much more!
Frequently Asked Questions
When will I get access to Ripped30?
Once you complete your registration, our team will work fast behind the scenes to get you full access to Ripped30 AND the nutrition plan AND the monthly workout calendar right away! Typically your login credentials will land in your inbox within an hour of signing up, so you can jump straight into the first workout today! But the good news is you'll have lifetime access to the entire program and all the updates, so you can start today and do it time and time again!
Is Ripped30 right for me?
No matter what your age, fitness levels, body composition, or medical conditions may be, Ripped30 can be completed by anyone. The best part about body weight exercises is that you can modify the intensity up or down by controlling your own pace. Within the workout videos you'll see modifications for every skill level... and we know that as you progress, you'll be challenging yourself even more!
What equipment do I need for Ripped30?
Here's the best part... the only thing you need is YOU! Ripped30 leverages the power of body weight exercises, meaning your body provides the weight that you need to maximize the intensity of your workouts from the comfort of your own home. You can watch the workouts wherever you have access to a screen or your phone, so do the workouts in your living room or outside!
What if I don't have the time?
First off... if you don't have the time now to focus on your fitness, you'll spend even more time later worrying about how to get it back. Plus – when you join Ripped30 today, you'll get lifetime access to it... so you can not only do it this month, but you'll be able to refer back to the workout routines and access everything inside the program for life!
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