You Keep Your Employees Busy.
We'll Keep Them Healthy & Happy!

Let us give your employees a fun, efficient, and life-changing fitness program designed with their health, happiness, and productivity in mind

Give your employees the power of the most efficient and transformational at-home fitness program

No Weights or Equipment Needed

Coach Marc's famous approach to fitness revolves around quick, high-intensity workouts that don't require any weights or equipment... say goodbye to that gym membership you never use!

Just 30 Minutes Per Day of High Intensity

Everyone has 30 minutes per day to dedicate to their health and fitness, so we're maximizing that time with high-intensity workouts that bring you results fast and make you feel the difference!

All the Motivation & Information Needed

A fitness program is only as good as how much it's used, which is why Ripped30 comes with daily motivational videos from Coach Marc to remind you why you're on this journey!

Experience the Ripped30 Difference

When it comes to getting your employees healthier and happier, fitness is key. Research shows that good health and wellbeing is at the cornerstone of employee productivity and longevity, and Ripped30 delivers on those aspects by leveraging a highly efficient results-driven regime that is challenging, productive, and can be done from home... all in just 30 minutes per day. Ask us for an example workout and we'll show you the power of Ripped30!

How We Work With Your Organization

We Determine Your Company's Needs

We'll connect with you over the phone to discuss the talent and lifestyles that work within your organization to come up with a solution that would fit their needs, schedules, and habits.

Logins Are Created for Each Employee

Our team will get Ripped30 logins created for each employee so they have their own individual dashboard and can manage their program. As personnel changes within your organization, we will update user account access.

We Keep Your Employees Fit & Healthy!

We'll make sure your employees stay fit and healthy! We'll email them every day for 30 days to keep them motivated and give them an added boost to workout, and our team handles all customer service and technical troubles.
corporate licenses start at
Per Employee, Billed Annually
  • Starting at just $99 per employee
  • Included customer service
  • Individual user accounts
  • Change users as personnel changes

What Our Clients Say


"Over 60% of our employees excitedly and voluntarily signed up for Coach Marc's workouts, and we noticed right away that something had changed. Our employees were healthier, happier, and most notably – considerably more energetic."

James Date

CRO, Tiger Connect

"We had previously tried providing our employees with gym memberships, bicycle rental memberships, and other fitness programs, but it wasn't until we found Ripped30 that they started incorporating fitness into their daily habits. Now we all love doing it together!"

Amelie Schad

Vice President, Katjes USA

"When it came to providing the Ripped30 program for our employees, it was a complete no-brainer. Not only can we do it from home, but it only takes 30 minutes per day and we don't need a single piece of home gym equipment or setup. And... it's cheaper than a gym!"

Corey Gooch

Sr. Director, Ankura

Ready to Invest in Your Employees' Health and Fitness to Boost Productivity?

Let's connect to talk about an efficient, effective, and simple approach to helping your employees succeed at home or at the office!

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